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About the Byron Farmers' Market

The Byron Farmers market began as a dream. An inspiration from local farmers, growers, environmentalists and families who wanted all the positive effects of a growers market in their area. A lot of hard work went into community consultation, lobbying, liasing with Council, market research, and finding enough good farmers to start a farmers market.
The Byron Bay Farmers Market is held every Thursday morning from 8-11 am, at Butler St. Reserve, and has been operating since December 2002.  The Bangalow Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning from 8 - 11, behind the Bangalow Hotel, since 2004.
The Byron Farmers Market Association, which manages the markets, believes in 'Authenticity', where stallholders can only sell what they produce  - no re-selling of products is allowed. The markets have supplied many happy customers with a fresh, local, healthy food, while supporting local farmers in sustainable agriculture. It is also a place where people meet, where recipes are swapped, new exotic flavours tried, hints on successful gardening are shared and the weather and local issues are discussed.
There is an extensive range of fresh produce available, which changes with the seasons.  Products that can be enjoyed year round include: sugar cane juice freshly juiced on site, macadamia and pecan nuts and products, including oils spreads & muesli;  Prawns and fish are caught around Ballina;  prime cuts of beef and are pork raised in the hills behind Byron and made into bacon & sausages by a local butcher.  Also, eggs, coffee, breads, olives, honey, miso, tempe, sprouted seeds, dips, chutneys, jams, and flowers are sold.

As the weather goes through its changes so does the range of fabulous flowers, fruits, vegetables herbs & spices. Always fresh and always well priced.
The Byron Shire is a place of huge social diversity, and the farmers markets have a unique place in our unusual community. The markets donate to local charities and community groups, and supply food to a local soup kitchen. It has become a forum for ideas & petitions on environmental issues.  It is a place where community groups can share information and raise funds for vital local services.
The Byron Farmers Markets have an ever-growing group of customers from all walks of life who come together on Thursday & Saturday mornings, for the farmers market experience. This is an experience which is satisfying for everyone, as farmers build relationships with customers, and customers come to appreciate where their food comes from, and learn more about local agriculture and  food production.